About Vartalaap

Our M2ission

Raise great brands and help them:
1. Live a life of their own
2. Build relationships with their customers 3. Grow by engaging with their customers

Our Vision

"To make brands come to life"

Our Team

Our team loves to experiment and explore. Working on new ideas is our favourite passion. Hit us up if you want to brainstorm!

Sarthak Baijal

CEO & Director

What happens when the passion to create, and obsession with growth come together? A fruitful product of creative juices flowing through to create the next big thing. Whether it’s our own brands - like 21AD - or diverse clients who believe in us, I’m forever fueled by my fervor for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Trishala Santhanam

CCO & Director

Driven by my passion to create something new and valuable in whichever field I get involved in, I am experienced with leadership, organisational skills and being a good team player. In my spare time, I enjoy engaging myself with fine arts and music

Amarnath Banerjee

Creative Director

As a seasoned advertising professional with experience in both India & abroad, I have worked with several leading brands dealing with a diverse range of products - BMW, Nike, Sheraton Hotels - and have always immersed myself in art of every form. I continue to nurture my innate passion for graphic design and handmade artwork to this day.

Thejas E K

Business Development Manager

Aspiring actor, story teller, advertising - all forms of media interest and excite me. My strong love for movies and music is what forged my understanding of various forms of art. Adding my experience in PR to this makes marketing another art form to joyously dabble in!

Sahana Srinivas

Account Manager

Having dabbled in commerce, operational & logistical tasks, and problem solving, I have always ensured to be completely involved in anything I pursue in all ways possible. My hobbies digress from my educational background of commerce to include music production, singing, photography and basketball.

Anaan Muhammed

Account Manager

Experimenting and making new content are two things I enjoy doing. I'm an actor, content creator, and filmmaker who enjoys the brainstorming process behind these things; and I believe that in this line of work, creativity and dedication are the keys to engaging with people and achieving excellent results.

Alen Paul


I always have a camera handy and can't get enough of photos and videos. I love to make films and tell stories through video in my own time!

Sakshi Shetty

Content Manager

All things related to literature and marketing are my avid interests - two things which, when combined, culminated in my passion for making an impact with my words. I am a public speaking and debating enthusiast, and often engage myself with reading and writing to sharpen my mind.

Nikita Joanne

Content Writer

I'm far wittier with the written word than the spoken word, so this is the best possible way for me to introduce myself.
Writing has been a part of my life since middle school. Over the years, it’s grown to be a comfort, a joy, and a flexible craft that I can call my own.

Aakriti Gupta


It's fun experimenting with traditional painting and digital art. My interest in learning innovative art is the stepping stone towards creating a series of unique yet refined and aesthetic graphic designs. In my free time, I love to read books and practice yoga to improve balance and focus in life!

Pratyush Rungta


Gamer, designer and techie. I prefer a 1V1 in CSGO over a 1V1 in Starbucks. When not in the arena, I design cool stuff. I have worked on everything from video editing & 3D to graphics and web design; at Vartalaap, I work on videos, social media posts & banners.

Lakshme Srada


A management graduate-turned- illustrator, I find digital art therapeutic and thankfully for me, it’s become my career. As a freelance graphic designer with Vartalaap, I’ve worked on social media creatives and collaterals for brands. This organisation has truly helped me hone my skills and grow professionally.

Namrata Katiyar


With a myriad of talents up my sleeve, I am a designer by profession & philanthropist in mind! Movie reviewing is my pesha but in a hobby kind of way. When not designing, I can be found scribbling some fiction stories!

Varsha Rao

Marketing Associate

My background of economics, sociology & public administration complement my ardent interest in exploring things that aren't my forte and expanding my knowledge. I'm grateful to Vartalaap for helping me do this—I've learned a lot about marketing that I hadn’t known before!

Trisha Gupta

Marketing Associate

My interests involve painting, and designing as well. I'm an avid reader and currently pursuing BBA Entrepreneurship—something I'm getting to put into practice at Vartalaap as a marketing associate!

Ashwati Krishna

Marketing Associate

I am always proactive about seeking new opportunities to develop and grow in my role here. Commitment, dedication and some good music is what keeps me going. I believe finding happiness in little things is what makes life worth living!

Vijayshri Pandey

Marketing Associate

I am law student & explorer who looks for opportunities which help me thrive & shine. I never hesitate to lend out a helping hand—after all, that's what makes our lives meaningful. Drive, responsibility and creativity keep me going—that's why I'm at Vartalaap!


Marketing Associate

Being born an enthu cutlet, I am easily excited. I seek to explore and make the most of what there is. My love for dancing, writing and public speaking keeps me on my toes.

Sanjana Naidu

Artist Associate for 21AD

I’m a constant learner with good communication skills & leadership abilities. Pushing myself till the edge of my limits is what I always look forward to, which is what I get to do here. My hobbies digress from business studies and include exploring new places, painting and photography.