The 4 Golden Rules of Sales and Marketing

For a field as ever-evolving and rapidly changing as marketing, there is no limit to how creative you can get. While there are numerous innovative and brilliant techniques to market your service/good with high efficiency, there are still some basic ground rules to stick to, so that you can maximise the benefits of your marketing strategy and achieve as much as possible. It’s highly recommended, therefore, to adhere to the 4 crisp rules discussed in the subsequent sections while designing the blueprint of your marketing scheme.

1. Use FUD (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt) sparingly.

Organisations that use FUD disseminate negative, dubious, or false information about their competitors. FUD is a disinformation methodologyused by sales, marketing, and PR professionals to sway decision-making. After spreading misleading information, the organisation that originated the FUD positions or portrays itself as the safe solution.

FUD was a popular technique used by computer-hardware manufacturers to sell their wares in the 1970s (IBM was a notorious FUD practitioner). But the technique has fallen out of fashion in recent years. Today’s sales and marketing pros are concerned that if they employ FUD, they might appear manipulative, untrustworthy, and unprofessional which can be costly to the long-term health of their employer’s brand.

2. While closing, we need to provide specifics.

To inspire incoming inquiries, prospects and leads for our organisation’s products or services, our pitch must be brief and enticing. Once prospective buyers express interest in the solution(s) that we provide, we must offer detailed information that expands upon and clarifies the initial pitch to stimulate potential purchases.

3. Use facts and data.

A unique selling proposition (USP) helps a business stand out in the marketplace by explaining what makes it different and/or better than the competition. To be credible, a USP needs to be substantiated by case studies, testimonials, and data points that offer overwhelming proof of the USP’s reliability.

4. Never ever insult our competitors.

Insulting our competitors is the single worst thing that a salesperson or a company can do. Not only will we shift the customers’ focus from us to our competitors, we will also lose our customers’ respect.

By ensuring these factors are ever present, we can ethically manipulate our target customers into taking the action they need to and achieve a far higher rate of success in marketing that is, most importantly, as sustainable as it is fruitful.