The Impact of Digital Marketing on an Age Old Jewellery Brand: A Case Study

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September 1, 2020


In Indian society, gold has always been held in very high regard. Seen as an elite status symbol, it stands for wealth and prosperity. Indian history — as well as our natural geography — have contributed to the country being known for extravagant jewellery. Be it gold from Karnataka, Kundans from Rajasthan or the countless unique designs and patterns which are a part of Indian heritage — jewellery of some form or the other is an inherent part of our culture.

One of the brands flourishing in this vast sector is Moti Jewel Palace. As a premium retail brand for jewellery based in Bangalore, India, MJP has been a well established brand in its place of origin for an impressive stretch of around 108 years. For aiding their goals in making them a national competitor in their field, we took on the responsibility of marketing for them. Our challenges, solutions, execution and results are detailed in the subsequent sections.

About the Client

Moti Jewel Palace has stood strong for over a century. From the very beginning, their focus has been on crafting unique designs of the finest quality. Dedication, originality and trustworthiness quickly made this family-run business a household name in their place of origin. Now, after having built a stable and dependable name for themselves and meeting the needs of a significant chunk of the primarily traditional population, MJP continues to grow and evolve into something bigger than what it already is. Their early stages of growth lacked the powerful aid of the Internet and social media — today, with the deluge of modern era technology that we have, MJP can catapult itself to further stages of success.


The goals to be achieved for this client were:

  1. Increasing their customer base: by using social media as the primary tool for accomplishing this.
  2. Improving their online presence and appeal to boost sales.
  3. To retain this online presence for serving as a regular update of their product launches and campaigns, and as a bonus way of getting orders.

While traditional modes of advertising and promoting did work for them, the most impactful way to stay ahead of the competition and truly stand out in the present era is by utilising the potential of social media.

Challenges to Overcome

Having had barely any presence online prior to our commitment with them, their reach and spread were limited to audiences that accessed standard modes of advertisement — hoardings, newspapers and the like — which (while being perfectly solid means on their own) lacked the active engagement that digital and social platforms offer. Despite having a page on Instagram, the scope had to be increased massively for achieving their goals.

Our Role

As the marketing consultant for the client, we had the following set of tasks:

  1. Plan the design for posts — both the graphical as well as textual parts — for their Instagram page.
  2. Photography and editing for all the jewellery sets to be advertised.
  3. Planning and executing specific campaigns: for new collections or ranges of items, or jewellery that was specific to any festivals or celebrations.
  4. Increasing the number of followers on the Instagram page, and dealing with how to accurately target the audience to maximise traction for posts.
  5. Consequently, handling orders and requests via social media.

For retail brands and products, a huge advantage of digital marketing is promotion via influencers. Along with having themed photoshoots of models working with the client, Instagram opened channels for getting influencers on board. Some reached out to the client, and some were approached by us. This boosted the client’s Instagram follower count, engagement and reach, as the products were viewed by the influencers’ followers too.

Execution & Results

Prior to our involvement with the client, the feed looked like this:

Post our engagement, we revamped the designs and style of photography and took a more minimalistic approach:

By adopting this minimalistic approach, each piece of jewellery stood out better on such solid backgrounds. The feed looked more refined and showed off themed jewellery in a more structured and orderly fashion. As a result, while users were indeed getting wowed by the presentation, the look and design of the jewellery had a bigger impact than before.

Overall, these were the results of our work with them from May, 2019 to May, 2020 :

  1. Since June 2019, we have created 350+ posts
  2. 45% increase in calls from GMB
  3. 83,188 found us on Google search
  4. 1,15,646 views on Google Maps (84% growth)
  5. 1,591 people have searched for directions from the listing / posts — an averaging 4 per post
  6. We began receiving an average of 95 calls per month
  7. With views as high as 90,562 on posts, there has been a 311% increase in viewership on social media
  8. A specific campaign — ‘Akshay Tritiya’ — led to 33 Qualified Leads in 36 hours.


Owing to the massive upheaval of the brand by our marketing services, there has been an overall increase of 71% in customers finding Moti Jewel Palace, and a 109% increase in related searches to 53,483 people. The return of investment from our engagement was 4 times the investment on branding.


This client added to the diversity of our services, and helped hone our skills and knowledge of social media. One major advantage of being a marketing firm is the knowledge we gain about different sectors of the economy; something as unexpected as learning about what each type of jewellery stands for, its significance, it’s history — these things enriched our learning curve and added to our personal knowledge. Furthermore, due to the range of services for this particular client being broader than usual (since photography and editing were also a part of what we did, along with content creation), our scope of work augmented along with the client’s reach.

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